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Avari Dubai Hotel

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Hotel details

In a modern building 6 km from the Dubai World Trade Centre, this upscale hotel is also 11 km from the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. 

Featuring free Wi-Fi, the contemporary rooms also have flat-screens, minibars, and tea and coffee making equipment. Suites have living rooms. Upgraded rooms and suites offer daily fruit platters and provide complimentary access to the business center and to a lounge hosting happy hours.

Breakfast is served in a casual restaurant. Other amenities include a cafe, 2 nightclubs, a karaoke club and a pub. There's also a spa, a gym and a rooftop pool. An airport shuttle is available (a fee may apply).

Review summary

Some guests mentioned bathroom cleanliness could be improved·Some guests said the rooms were dated & maintenance could be improved
Near public transit & the airport·Shopping, sightseeing, restaurants & bars nearby·Easily accessible by car
Service & facilities·
Guests appreciated the friendly, professional staff

Friday, December 2, 2016

TIME Grand Plaza Hotel Dubai

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Hotel details
This modern hotel is 1 km from Dubai International Airport, 13 km from Dubai Gold Souk market and 16 km from Dubai World Trade Centre. 

The contemporary, warmly decorated rooms come with flat-screen TVs, free Wi-Fi and iPod docks. Upgraded rooms add complimentary airport transfers and access to a private lounge. Suites also feature living rooms and city-view balconies. Room service is available 24/7.

There's a chic cafe, an airy lounge and a buffet-style restaurant. Other amenities include a heated rooftop pool with a poolside lounge, as well as a steam room, a sauna and a 24-hour gym.

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ian smith
3 months ago
Great value for money in Dubai. This place is pretty much 5 star but has seen a little wear and tear over the past few years. The location is not great though, no restaurants as such to walk to and no attractions nearby. But taxi's in town ...More
Vipin Kumar C
a week ago
Good hotel. Heavy traffic area.
vikram bhaskar
5 months ago

TIME Grand Plaza Hotel features 232 spacious rooms and suites appointed with every imaginable guest comfort. ...More

Thursday, December 1, 2016

XVA Art Hotel Dubai

Nestled among other traditional Persian-style houses in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, this simply elegant boutique hotel with an art gallery is an 11-minute walk from the nearest train station and 7 km from Dubai World Trade Centre.
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ImageFeaturing contemporary Middle Eastern art, the 13 individually decorated rooms arranged around 3 shaded courtyards come with free Wi-Fi, minibars, and tea and coffeemakers. Upgraded rooms add private outdoor seating areas. Room service is available.

Breakfast is included and served in a relaxed alcohol-free, vegetarian restaurant with courtyard dining. There's an acclaimed art gallery and a design shop.
Address: Al Fahidi St,Bur Dubai، Al Fahidi Neighborhood (formerly Bastakiya),Near Dubai Museum - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Should dogs hike off-leash at all? Readers debate leashing dogs on trails
The topic of hiking with off-leash dogs generated a lot of discussion on Facebook last weekend, after nature photographer Gary David Currie posted a video of his pup walking free, and dangerously close to the edge of a cliff.
It also generated some good conversation on Oregonlive Thursday, in the comments of my story exploring the dangers of off-leash hiking and the laws in place to keep dogs and humans safe on precipitous trails. Here are the highlight of a pretty good conversation (some comments edited for length).
The predominant viewpoint, at least at the beginning, was one of reasonable caution:
Should people hike with their dogs off-leash?
Leash requirements need to reflect the situation at that location.  In city parks, dogs should be on a leash unless in a designated off leash area. Out in nature outside the city and urban areas, the issues change and usually having your dog leashed is as much about keeping the dog safe as anything else. 
It's a judgment call.  I took my dog for her first backcountry trip, circled the South Sister and climbed to the top to spend the night.  I used a leash where it was required in areas of higher use--sometimes letting her drag it so I could grab it quickly. She is a two-year-old 30lb high-energy dog.
Clearly this is an issue that must be evaluated on a case by case basis. Owners need to be honest about how well they control their dogs both on and off leash (some dogs are a danger ON leash) and evaluate each trail. For every hazardous trail there must be dozens of much more dog friendly trails ... A blanket "no dogs off leash" policy is ridiculous.
Though some commenters promised to take much more extreme action if an unleashed dog came bounding up the trail:
Sure it's safe to hike with your dog off leash if you don't mind my shooting it if it attacks me. When I hike, I usually do carry my firearm as I have had some run ins with wild life, mainly bears and mountain lions. Thankfully, I have not had to shoot them, but wouldn't hesitate if I needed to.

Someone had their dog off leash on the Pacific Crest Trail near Odell Lake a few years ago ... The dog came charging at me and the owner was nowhere to be seen. I always carry a pistol with me while hiking/backpacking and drew down on the dog. The owner is lucky the dog stopped charging at about 30 feet away.

A few readers shared their own stories about hiking with their dogs, which had a tendency to get painful, even downright tragic:
I owned and adored my two goldens and had one of them gone over a cliff, heartbroken doesn't even come close to the despair I would feel.  If you can't protect your furry friend the same way you would your child, you shouldn't have a pet.  

I used to let my dogs walk off leash in the woods then one day one of them yelped in pain and emerged from the brush with a mouthful of porcupine quills. From then on I've kept them on leash for that reason and several others. 

 ...While backpacking with my Golden Retriever in Goat Rocks on a remote trail, he took off after a marmot in an open meadow. He got into predator instinct and would not stop - and this was a dog that listened to me. Luckily, the marmot disappeared and my dog pooped out. But, I had to run after him for about 1/4 mile to catch him.

And, perhaps inevitably, the debate tpivoted suddenly to the issue of poop:
Forget the leash, let's address dog poop left on many Oregon trails that other hikers have to deal with.

--Jamie Hale | | @HaleJamesB

Is backpacking a safe children's activity?
By Mộc Miên

Today, bringing up children means more than feeding them and providing them a basic education. In an ever developing society with higher expectations for future generations.
In an ever developing society with higher expectations for future generations, parents never hesitate to invest in their offspring. From middle to high class families, their children are getting more opportunities to experience culture, arts, and sport. Their parents believe that the more children experience life, the better their future will be.
In addition to cultural, arts, and sporting courses that children can take in big cities, there are many other ways for them to learn about life, including travelling.
“Travelling is very good for children to have a true conception of life. Hardly anything can be more wonderful than knowing exactly what a mountain, a river, a city look like. Newspapers, books, TV, and the Internet are very helpful but seeing something with their own eyes is different.” Trần Vũ Hoàng, a 35-year-old father, said.
While a lot of parents choose traditional tourism with good accommodation and catering, others are looking to backpacking.
Phạm Tấn Phát, 34, is a father who has taken his 8-year-old son to travel nationwide.
“I have taken him out since he was 5. So far, we have travelled together to more than 40 provinces and cities in Viet Nam.” He said.
“We have a car which is like a movable house. We store food, clothes and water in it. We also have medicine in case we are sick,” he added.
Lê Kiên Trung is another young father who loves traveling and has visited many places with his children Lê Lam and Lê Minh, and his wife.
“Sometimes, we don’t have a detailed plan for a trip. We drive until we want to stop to enjoy the scenery or try local food. We are free to experience life without. Even when we travelled to Thailand, we wanted to live like local people: we hired a car or motorbikes then discovered new areas. We did not book tours,” Trung said.
This way of travelling has a great impact on their children. Phạm Thành Đồng, Phát’s son, loves the trips. At first he was shy and afraid of strange things but now Đồng is more self-confident and independent.
“I am not afraid of darkness or ghosts. I can take care of myself in terms of basic things such as eating and bathing, rather than waiting for my father’s help. I learned a lot about cars, cooking and positioning devices from my father.” Đồng happily shared.
Lê Lam (six years old) and Lê Minh (four years old) are much better at decision making thanks to travelling.
“It’s a very important thing I have taught the children through the trips. We are a family, like a team, and faced with new situations, we discuss and I let the children choose the way to react so that we can make the most of the experience. I find that the children contribute good ideas.” Trung said. Click here to know about Manhattan Hotel Dubai 
While the young fathers are excited about guiding their sons and daughters to travel as backpackers, women cannot help but worry more than men.
“Though I believe the fathers will do their best to protect and teach the children, I am still worried. I don’t know if they can handle it when the weather is bad and they are in the jungle, or if they are in emergency and can’t get help,” Hương Đặng, a housewife, worried.
“What if the children are too excited about the trips to focus on studying at school? I don’t want my children to focus less on their studies,” she added.
These worries are something parents who love taking children to travel like Phát and Trung need to consider. Although that way of travelling brings about wonderful experiences that no classes compare to, parents should think carefully before making any decisions to avoid unexpected consequences for their children.VNS

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Manhattan Hotel Dubai with Reviews

Manhattan Hotel Dubai enjoys prominent location in Bur Dubai, providing reasonable lodging in Dubai. The hotel is situated near ABCD subway station, making traveling within city easier for the guests. Learn more about Manhattan Hotel Dubai

Get some reviews here:
3 weeks ago
Good Bars. Beer especially draught are not stored properly so don't get the crispness. Rest of drinks are ok
2 months ago
Good! But not as great as it should be.
a month ago
U2pura has sheesha
4 months ago
Mixology the pub is good
a year ago
Outdated, overpriced and sketchy ...

If you're looking to revel in sketchy and shady outdated accomodations, look no ...
a year ago
Good location. Services are also nice. Parking problem. Food is also ok, Not much good. Staff is also cooperative.
8 months ago
No phone no in your web site
3 years ago
Good hotel with value for money
a year ago

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Rec life to host Supermoon frisbee and backpacking trip

Ouachita Rec Life will be hosting two events, Full Moon Frisbee and a Backpacking Trip, throughout the week. Full Moon Frisbee will take place Monday, Nov. 14 from 8-10 p.m. at the intramural fields, while the backpacking trip will take place Friday, Nov. 18 through Saturday, Nov. 19.
Students will enjoy a night under the stars and the full moon while interacting and playing frisbee together.
“The full moon is a supermoon. This means that the moon is very close to earth. It’s actually closer than it has been since Jan. 26, 1948,” Rec Life director, Shane Seaton said.
Seaton has played the game in the past and thought OBU students would have an interest in it. He has hosted the event every semester, in hopes that it will become something students really enjoy and look forward to.
“We play using a Frisbee that lights up, as well as glow bracelets and necklaces so that we can see one another. There is no need to sign up. Just head on down to the intramural fields at 8:00pm on Monday,” Seaton said. “Ultimate Frisbee is a great way to get some exercise and have fun at the same time. Playing by the light of the moon makes the game even more exciting.”
The backpacking trip will be held in the Ouachita National Forest along the Missouri River into the Winding Stair. Shared from  click here to get more
“The Winding Stair is a beautiful area where rock and water meet to display the power of God’s creation,” Seaton said. “This trip will be different than doing a day hike and then going to the campground to camp. We will be carrying all of our gear on our backs into the campsite a few miles into the back country. This allows us to truly have a wilderness adventure, experiencing creation without distractions from our modern society.”
The trip will take place over the course of two days. Roundtrip, students will hike about four miles carrying their camping gear.
“This trip will be full of adventure, fun, community, as well as solitude. Friday night, we will hike in and set up camp about a mile from the road. Once camp is set up, we will sit around the fire, eat dinner and spend time together,” Seaton said.
For dinner, simple meals will be prepared over the camp stove pot. Preparation for the meals will be made easy by creating dishes only requiring the added ingredient of water.
“We will have beans and rice and some other fixings for dinner,” Seaton said.
The following morning will include oatmeal with fruits and nuts for breakfast over the camp fire and quiet time to revel in God’s nature. Worship will continue at the Winding Stair. In the afternoon, camp will be packed up and students will head back to campus.
“The best part about backpacking is that our group will be completely alone when we are camping. The power of the silence and darkness is a wonderful experience,” Seaton said.
Equipment such as backpacks, tents, sleeping bags and water filters will be needed. Students may bring their own, or use Rec Life gear instead. A complete packing list may be found online.
Adventure seekers can sign up for the backpacking trip online at by Wednesday, Nov. 16 at midnight.
For more information on Rec Life, contact Shane Seaton at

Melody Queen Hotel Dubai is nestled in the Old Dubai district, about 500 meters from the Twin Towers Shopping Centre and about 1.1 km from learn more on Now